Toronto Ward Boundary Review Final Report Now Available

TWBR Final ReportThe Toronto Ward Boundary Review (TWBR) Final Report is now available and may be accessed here. This report provides a recommendation for new wards for the City of Toronto. It is also posted to the City of Toronto’s website with the Executive Committee agenda and may be accessed here.

The recommended ward structure meets the tests of effective representation and can be implemented for the 2018 municipal election (lasting until the 2030 municipal election).

The TWBR consultant team will be present for the Executive Committee's consideration of the Final Report on May 24, 2016. Toronto City Council will subsequently consider the report and make a final determination on any changes to Toronto's ward boundaries. The Executive Committee and/or City Council may defer consideration of the matter to a subsequent meeting.

About the Toronto Ward Boundary Review
The Toronto Ward Boundary Review has looked at the size and shape of Toronto's wards in order to ensure that each person in Toronto is fairly represented at City Council. Toronto’s significant growth has resulted in wards with populations above or below the current average of 61,000 with some wards 30 to 50 per cent above the average. The goal of the Review has been to ensure that the population in every ward is similar in size throughout the city. The City of Toronto has oversight of the Toronto Ward Boundary Review and the study has been carried out by a third-party team of consultants. More information about the Toronto Ward Boundary Review can be found at