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April 15, 2011

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam,
Ward 27, Toronto Centre - Rosedale
Toronto City Hall, SuiteA5
100 Queen Street West
Toronto Ontario M5H 2N2

Re: Safe Pedestrian Crossing at Queen’s Park Crescent East and St. Joseph Street

Dear Councillor Wong-Tam:

The Bay Cloverhill Community Association supports the U of T Graduate Students’ Union (GSU)request for installation of pedestrian crossing facilities at the intersection of St. Joseph Street and Queen’s Park Crescent East.

The BCCA supports a push button crosswalk as suggested by the GSU if there is a way to co-ordinate a safe pedestrian crossing at St Joseph Street with the already existing pedestrian traffic signal that is installed just north of the St. Joseph/Queen’s Park Crescent East intersection in question. Such co-ordination would serve to somewhat reduce the interruption to the flow of vehicular traffic at this intersection.

Yours truly,

Norman C. Waite
President, Bay Cloverhill Community Association (BCCA)

Cc: The U of T Graduate Students’ Union Sustainability Sub-Committee